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Established in 1967, we only specialise in undirectional pultrusion of carbon fiber,
glass fiber, aramid fiber composite material. We are proud of our continuous and
consistent customer relationships during 50 years in business.

As your partner, Duck Sung promise to deliver solution to engineering and
business project, reduce your cost, improve quality and provide better product
for your business.
Meet Our Leader
  • Duck Sung was the first company in Korea to succeed in pultrusion of fiber glass
    and polyester resin, back in 1967. We started our business as the supplier of high
    quality fishing rod base to domestic fishing industry. Based on the united efforts of
    all our employees and continuous R&D, Duck Sung extended our product range
    vastly and we now produce various products in carbon fiber, aramid fiber and fiber
    glass. Examples of our products include car antennas, medical equipments, rollers
    for LCD equipments, shafts for piezoelectric motors, reinforcement laminates for
    construction, high voltage electricity wire cores and many more.

    We have established a specialised R&D department for more systematic development
    to exceed our customers’ expectation and successfully satisfy their needs. We plan to
    continuously launch new products and we continue to strive for the best quality
    products for various industrial fields.

    We are proud of our enthusiastic employees whom show endless dedication and our
    relationship with our customers as their partner. We, not only as a supplier but as your
    business partner, promise to find solution to your engineering and business challenges
    and improve your vision and your goal by applying our products. We promise to show
    you how we maintain intensive effort to produce and develop better products.

    Thank you.
Company History
  • Development of Carbon Composite Cores for High Voltage Power Transmission Cables -
    Development of Carbon Fiber Earthquake Resistant Reinforcement -

    Development of Carbon Fiber Rods for PCB and LCD Equipment -

    Development of Supplier for Antenna Cable Support Line -

    Development of Laminate for Construction Reinforcement -

    Development of FTM -

    Development of SHI-Carbon Fiber Solid Tip (35 ton carbon) -

    Development of Carbon Fiber Solid Tip (24 ton carbon) -

    Company Name Changed to Duck Sung Co.,Ltd -

    Company Moved to 55, Dongyang-ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea -

  • - Certified as Venture Business
    - ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Oriented Management System
    - Research and Development Department Certified

    - Development of Carbon Fiber Rods for Piezoelectric Motors

    - Development of Support Line Structure Support for Telecommunication Antenna Cables

    - Development of Garnet Coated Rods for Construction Reinforcement

    - Development of Fiber Ski Poles

    - Development of AM/FM Car Radio Antennas

    - Development of HI-Carbon Fiber Solid Tip (30 ton carbon)

    - Registered as Foreign Trading Business

    - Development of Fiber Glass Solid Tent Poles

    - Development of Fiber Glass Solid Tips
    - Established Ducks Sung Industry (Location : Ok-soo-dong, Sung-dong-gu, Seoul)

  • Test Report
  • Test Report
  • Test Report
  • Venture Business
  • ISO9001:2008
  • R&D Department